About Us

Nixcorp Advisory is a professional consulting firm that guides clients through business coaching, advisory, accounting, services. We have expertise in going beyond the traditional service model and providing detailed commercial insights. We believe in building and nurturing lasting relationships with our clients.

What We Do

We work in three key areas to help our clients evolve, lead with innovation, and gain better profitability. Our focus is on assisting clients in different areas of business and enhances their efficiency.

CFO Services

A smoothly run finance department is vital to the success and growth of any business. Let us deal with your financial reporting, bookkeeping, and vital financial matters.

Business Coaching and Advisory

The goal of our business coaching and advisory is to provide you the right combination of tools that can help in sustaining a successful business.

Accounting and Tax

We can file your income tax returns, guide and facilitate business registration, and more. At Nixcorp Advisory, we can do a detailed, in-depth review of your account files and taxes